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Extra Time Service

WFA EXTRA Time Service

Providing a helping hand for clubs at risk of folding

Are your team struggling for players? Are you at risk of folding? Do you need administrative support? The Extra time service is a new FA initiative aimed at proactively supporting teams before they fold. Leagues, clubs and volunteers are able to make Worcestershire FA aware of any teams that may fold and seek help and advice when they face difficult situations. This can arise due through finances, facility issues, lack of players and lack of volunteers but all can put a team at risk.

We are able to provide programmes and expertise which can support teams through these challenging times.

  • Funding Schemes
  • Marketing Opportunities
  • Training for coaches and volunteers
  • Recruitment and engagement

If your club, team or risk is at risk, please don't leave it too late. Contact Worcestershire FA and give yourselves some extra time.

Getting Help

If you are aware of any club or team at risk of folding, struggling to get a team together, or having difficulties with admin or finance then let us know!

Contact us using the information opposite and let us know the following information:

  • The team/club facing challenges
  • Your role/relationship with the club
  • The difficulties or challenges they are experiencing

Get In Touch

By Phone: 0105 827137
(8:30am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday)

By Email:

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