Kidderminster Harriers Ladies vs Worcester City Women

Inclusion and Diversity


Football is for everyone and we’re determined to break down barriers which get in the way of progress.

This is The FA’s vision. Football is for everyone and we’re determined to break down barriers which get in the way of progress. Collectively, football has the power to inspire future generations. At The FA and across the football family, making the game a sport For All should be embedded within all that we do.

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At The FA, equality, diversity and inclusion means valuing and celebrating our differences. Nurturing the right working environment and culture means everyone thrives and can be themselves.

For the game, it means everyone's welcome, ensuring differences between us do not create barriers to getting into football and staying involved.

Of the top ten sports in England by numbers of people playing, football occupies 3 places. Men’s football is at number one, Women’s football third and disability football is seventh.

Given this, football is a very important medium for people to interact, socialise, become fitter and release stress in ever-more complex times. For all these reasons, football should reflect wider society, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion. By diversity we mean the spectrum of people and backgrounds that exist in 21st century England. By inclusion, we mean the way we ensure there are no barriers to taking part in football for any individuals or communities.

At Worcestershire FA, we support the FA vision for inclusion. We feel that football can change lives and there should be no barriers to anyone who wants to participate. We believe embracing equality, diversity and inclusion will make us stronger and better equipped to serve our community.

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Tackling Discrimination

Football must be a game which embraces diversity and battles discrimination.

Everyone must be made to feel welcome on our pitches and our terraces. Discrimination is an unacceptable societal issue that football must play a key role in tackling.