Referee Promotions

Worcestershire FA Referee Promotions

Congratulations to everyone who has received promotions.

Worcestershire FA is delighted to announce that a number of referees have been promoted as a result of their outstanding performance during the 2021/22 season.

As detailed below, Worcestershire FA continues to be well represented both locally as well as on a national scale with a large number of promotions recently confirmed by The Football Association.

This is a reward for the efforts of the match officials themselves, as well as the significant investment that we offer to our match officials who demonstrate the desire and ability to progress. We are fortunate to have a great team of coaches, mentors and observers who work with our match officials.

With the promotion system shortly becoming even more accessible, maybe YOU could be a future name on this list? Click here to start your journey as a match official.

Full list of Worcestershire FA promotions 2021/22:


Promoted to Level 2B (National League North/South)

  • Neil Pratt

With this promotion, Neil becomes our current highest level referee – congratulations, Neil!

Promoted to Level 3

  • Harley Hetherington
  • Mike Wright

Promoted to Level 4

  • James Alliband
  • Garrath Hodgetts

Promoted to Level 5

  • James Cairns
  • Mike Pattison
  • Nik Tovey

Promoted to Level 6

  • Dean Bell
  • Calum Bennett
  • Rob Dufty
  • Matthew Ellis
  • Jimmy Hearn
  • Jarrod Sellers
  • Mark Taylor

Promoted to Level 3W

  • Harley Hetherington



Promoted to Step 1 AR (National League Premier)

  • Ryan McIlravey

Promoted to Step 2 AR (National League North/South)

  • Lewis Mansfield-King


Congratulations to all of our match officials who were successful in achieving promotion.