WFA Referee

Supporting our Referees

Worcestershire FA is committed to supporting referees.

Worcestershire FA continues to support referees to ensure the beautiful game remains safe and enjoyable for all. 


Our #SeeTheSocks initiative continues to educate the football family. Referees who are under 18 – and therefore children – wear bright coloured socks. This is an obvious message that they need to be safeguarded just like our young players. If you saw someone shouting or abusing a young player, you would intervene. The same should apply to a young referee. Please help us by reporting any poor behaviour to


Of course, all the support in the world will only have a positive impact if our referees are treated with respect and allowed to do their job in a positive environment. We are still seeing too many incidents of poor behaviour towards referees and this is having a direct impact on the number of matches we can cover with a qualified referee.

By participating as a player, coach or spectator in grassroots football, you accept that the referees are also grassroots referees and may make mistakes. Please think before you speak and help us to retain referees.


We have trained 83 new referees this season. Every one of these new referees – 41 aged under 18 and 42 adults – have been appointed a mentor who will assist them by attending matches and being available for any questions or general support. Our Mentor Coordinator, Jerry Curtis, is overseeing this new programme which we are confident will help us to retain more referees.

Referee development workshop