Female Walking Football Sessions

Worcestershire FA is proud to be supporting the launch of four new female only walking football sessions. 

Walking football has seen huge grown in popularity over recent years. It is a small sided game where players are not allowed to run and with low levels of physical contact. Although the game supports mixed gender competition, we recognise that it is still a heavily male dominated format. These new sessions will provide additional opportunities for females to participate. 

The launch of these sessions is being overseen by Worcestershire FA Football Development Officers, Jodie Williams (Girls & Women, Mini Soccer, Youth Male & Youth Leadership) and Ben Langworthy (Disability, Inclusion & Adult male). 

"We are pleased and excited to be supporting these clubs to create new female only walking football provision. Although walking football is a mixed gender game, the launch of this session will create further opportunities for women to engage with football, no matter their age or experience. Walking football is extremely popular with older participants, and we hope this project will engage ex-players as well as participants who didn’t have the opportunity to play in their younger years."

For general queries about Walking Football please contact . If you are interested in one of the sessions or further information, please contact one of the centres below


Bromsgrove Sporting Ladies FC & Bromsgrove Walking Sports Centre:

Date/Time: Thursday 18:30-19:30

Contact: Alan Gormley –

Hindlip FC:

Date/Time: Sunday 12:00 -13:00

Contact: Ronnie Barker - 

Sporting Club Inkberrow:

Date/Time: Monday 19:30 – 20:30

Contact: Kimmy Dillon – 


Date/Time: Friday 17.30-18.30

Contact: Nick Griffiths -