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The most up-to-date guidance regarding discipline

Worcestershire FA – Discipline Department Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 17th March 2020


Important: Worcestershire FA is operating with minimal staffing levels (for emergencies only) from Wednesday 1st April 2020 until further notice. This is in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak and most staff, including the Discipline Department, will no longer be contactable until the office re-opens. Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions regarding current Discipline.


Q: Will my fine stand?

A: Yes. If you are struggling to pay, simply let Worcestershire FA know and we will ensure that you are not further penalised via late fees. Any outstanding fines will need to be paid by 31st July 2020.


Q: Will my suspension carry over to next season?

A: Yes. Any period of suspension from accumulation of yellow cards and/or red cards, or as a result of a Misconduct Charge which remains outstanding at the end of playing season (on this occasion, 26th March 2020) must be served at the commencement of the following playing season (on this occasion, season 2020/21).


Q: I have a current Misconduct Charge, what happens now?

A: All hearings are currently postponed. You/your Club will still need to respond to the Charge via the Whole Game System, but it will not proceed to a Commission until we are back up and running in the near future. We will contact Clubs/Individuals to advise further in due course.


Q: Will Friendly match suspensions carry over from pre-season 2019/20 to pre-season 2020/21?

A: Yes. Any suspension from Friendly Football will apply for all Friendly matches until served.


Q: What about a suspended player moving between Clubs?

A: Nothing changes from previous years. Until the player moves, the suspension shall be served by reference to Matches completed by the Club from which the Player moves. Where the Club that the player moves to is within the same level as the Club that the Player moves from, any remaining period of suspension at the time that the Player moves shall be served by reference to Matches completed by the Club to which the Player moves.

Following the government announcement on 16th March 2020, for people to avoid social contact and gatherings where possible, we are now advising that all grassroots football in England is POSTPONED for the foreseeable future.

 Throughout this period, we have taken government advice with the priority being the health and wellbeing of all. We will continue to work closely with the grassroots game during this time. We are in regular communication with the government and the situation within English football at all levels remains under regular review. Further updates will follow as needed.


To support participants, we have created the following guidance.


Contacting Worcestershire FA

From Wednesday 1st April 2020, Worcestershire FA will have minimal staff available for emergencies only by:

Email: secretary@worcestershirefa.com                               Telephone: 01905 827137


Any urgent Safeguarding issues should be reported to the Emergency Services by calling 999.


Whilst we will of course be looking forward to the resumption of football at the right time and as per Government/ The FA advice; take care all, your welfare and that of your families is of primary focus.

County FA Disciplinary Hearings


  1. Correspondence Hearings

    To minimise the need for attendance at meetings in person, all Correspondence hearings are to be heard by WebEx/telephone until further notice.


  2. Personal Hearings

All Personal Hearings are postponed. Consideration will be given to offering a Correspondence Hearing as per point a) above. If a participant has been charged and wishes for the case to proceed by correspondence only, please contact the team (details below).

The important message is to ensure the safety of everyone as the primary concern.

Contacting WFA Discipline Department

From Thursday 19th March, Worcestershire FA’s offices will be closed until further notice. Staff will be working from home and you can continue to contact the team as follows:

Generic discipline enquiries – E: discipline@worcestershirefa.com

Ravel Cheosiaua – E:ravel.cheosiaua@worcestershirefa.com

All other football enquiries – E: info@worcestershirefa.com and T: 01905 827137


If you require a phone call to discuss any disciplinary issues, please email us in the first instance and we will call you back. Please note: the call back may be from a number that shows as ‘No Caller ID’ whilst we are working off site.


Whilst we will of course be looking forward to the resumption of football at the right time; take care all, your welfare and that of your families is of primary focus.


Kind Regards


WFA Discipline Department