Walking football

New Walking Football sessions launching in Bromsgrove

Get involved with Walking Football and discover a new way to play!

Many players and football enthusiasts gradually lose interest in playing football as their age increases and physical ability decreases. According to Sport England, 36% of people aged 55 and over are currently inactive, compared to 26% of the population as a whole. Regular exercise has been proven to not only improve physical health, but also mental health. Team sports are also an excellent opportunity to socialise and help conquer the challenges of loneliness that often accompany the older population of the country.

Walking football is a fantastic alternative to continue playing football for those with little or limited mobility. As with traditional football, it can also be played indoors and outdoors. The main deviation from the rules of standard football, is that if a player runs during the match then they concede a free kick to the opposing team. This restriction, alongside a ban on slide tackles, is aimed at facilitating a ‘minimal contact’ level of play avoiding injury and enabling the playing of the sport by those who may be at a disadvantage due to varying levels of mobility.

There are several different Walking Football sessions currently running in Worcestershire, and a new one is due to launch in Bromsgrove at the end of October this year.

Based at Bromsgrove Cricket, Hockey, and Tennis Club, the sessions beginning on the 22nd October will cost £4, with the first one being free, and take place between 10:30am - 11:30am every Tuesday.

For more information about the Bromsgrove Walking Football sessions, please contact Alan at alan@sport-edge.co.uk



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