IAG Application

Inclusion Advisory Group

We're seeking new member applications for our IAG.

Worcestershire FA is looking to widen their Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) and is seeking applications for new members.

The purpose of the IAG will be to support and advise Worcestershire FA by increasing awareness, understanding and knowledge of inclusion, equality, and diversity.

This will enable Worcestershire FA to better engage with, and thereby better meet the needs of, all of our local football communities to help to ensure football is available to everyone.

All individuals involved within this group will be required to have the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experience to have a meaningful impact and be willing to commit their time to supporting inclusive football.

Should you be interested in being part of this group, please return the application form (below) to the address stated or contact: ben.langworthy@worcestershirefa.com for further information.

Application Form: IAG Application 2019