Worcestershire FA Young Referees Incentive Scheme

Worcestershire FA & Worcestershire FA Youth Council are delighted to launch the ‘Worcestershire FA Young Referees Incentive Scheme'

The programme will be piloted between January 2018 and May 2018.

It will be available to referees aged 14-24 years old who referee in the following youth leagues: Ambassador Evesham Football League, Mercian Fortis Junior Football League and Stourport & District Youth Football League. All matches and development events must be completed between 1st January 2018 and 31st May 2018 to count towards the pilot programme.

The scheme is designed to incentivise and reward young referees by awarding points to match officials for completing matches, attending RA meetings and participating in development events. An outline of the points system is as follows:

1 match completed = 10 points
1 RA meeting/development event = 50 points
A minimum of 15 matches must be completed before any claim can be made
Referees will be sent an Excel spreadsheet that must be completed for a claim to be made

The following FREE kit & equipment will be available to referees who accrue the relevant number of points:

Match day pads = 200 points
Wrist lanyard = 200 points
Match wallet with yellow and red cards = 300 points
Fox 40 whistle = 400 points
Water bottle = 500 points
Referee socks = 500 points
Warm up t-shirt = 600 points

Completed spreadsheets must be emailed to by Friday 15th June 2018. No claims will be accepted beyond this date.

For more details regarding the Worcestershire FA Young Referee Incentive Scheme, please email Ollie Williams (

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