WFA Fly the Flag


The Worcestershire FA are committed to ensuring our organisation is inclusive for all

We welcome the LGBTQIA+ communities across our county and endeavour to make sure football is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone at every level regardless of their gender, sexuality or identity. The Worcestershire FA works closely with clubs, leagues and other stakeholders to promote equality across football. Every player, coach, volunteer and parent should feel welcome within the football environment, with every person’s experience being positive and feeling included. Our organisation is currently working with LGBTQ+ communities within the area as well as the Inclusion Advisory Group to ensure football remains a game for all. 

WFA Fly the Flag

As part of this year’s Rainbow Laces campaign, players, coaches and WFA staff laced up with Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces whilst promoting this year’s slogan: lace up, speak up. The campaign is all about encouraging open and honest conversations within clubs to ensure everyone feels safe and can continue to play football free from discrimination. In addition, the Worcestershire FA also ran an independent campaign to increase awareness and support for the LGBTQIA+ communities – ‘Fly the Flag’. Players were encouraged to lace up with coloured laces and hold up two flags (LGBTQ Flag and the Progress Flag) helping to demonstrate that grassroots football is a welcoming and accepting space for everyone. The video above highlights the following phrase: ‘Fly the flag, be the change. We support equality across the game’. The Worcestershire FA encourages all clubs and leagues to be as inclusive as possible, focusing on inclusive environments and positive role models. We continue our work to obtain equality across the county within football.

If you would like to know more about inclusion at the Worcestershire FA or have any questions, please contact the Inclusion Lead via email: