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There's more to refereeing than you might think


Want to be part of our Referee Workforce but don't want to be out on the pitch?

There are a number of roles within our Referee Workforce including observers, mentors, coaches, tutors and appointments secretaries. If you would be interested in exploring the opportunities available off the pitch, please contact us.


Our observers generally watch promotion seeking referees and measure their performance against a set of competencies to determine whether they are ready to officiate at the next level.

A mentor is an optional support mechanism for trainee referees and is a person who gives a younger or less experienced referee help and advice during their initial 5 matches.

These are the friendly faces that you will meet on our Referee Courses. The job of our tutors is to train and develop match officials in a positive learning environment.

This is a very crucial role in our Referee Workforce. These individuals assign referees to matches within their league(s).

Responsible for the training and development of match officials – our Referee Development Team is made up of the following people:

  • Ollie Williams – WFA Referee & Discipline Manager, Tutor, Level 3 Referee
  • Marvyn Amphlett – WFA Senior Referee Coach, Tutor, Football League Assistant Referee
  • Neil Radford – WFA Senior Referee Coach, Former Football League Assistant Referee
  • Chris Husband – WFA Referee Mentor, Tutor, Football League Assistant Referee
  • Ravel Cheosiaua – WFA Referee Tutor, Football League Assistant Referee
  • Dan Pattison – WFA Referee Tutor, Level 4 Referee
  • Jerry Curtis – WFA Referee Observer, Tutor, Level 5 Referee

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