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Continued Learning Opportunities

Learning and development is an active, continuous process.

It's a journey that never ends. And one that is shaped by experiences and learning opportunities gathered anywhere, anytime.

To support your journey, The FA provides a range of learning opportunities for you to engage with. From events in your region to online resources to in situ mentoring, you can access the development support that will make the biggest impact to you and your role.

Our Upcoming Events
Why our players play

Why Our players play

Thursday 24th March 2022 (6:30pm to 9:00pm)

Why our Players Play

Date & Time: Thursday 24th March 2022 6.30pm – 9pm

Venue: Worcestershire FA, County Sports Ground, Claines Lane, Worcester WR3 7SS

Host(s): Matt Jones & Chris Lowe – FA Grassroots Coach Developers

Cost: No 

Details of practical: 
3G pitch – correct footwear to be worn (moulded plastic studs only)

Questions this workshop will aim to answer:
1) What games and practices can I provide that give players the joy of scoring and stopping goals?
2) How can I help players to learn and understand more about the game?
3) How might I use football as a vehicle for developing social skills?

What can coaches expect to take away?
1) Strategies to understand why our players play.
2) Example games that could be used to help players love football.
3) Reflected on their coaching behaviours and the impact on player motivation.

Are there any tasks to complete ahead of the event?
1) Watch the introductory video for the workshop. 
2) Find out the top 3 reasons why your players play and love football.

Overview of the event
We hope this workshop has supported you to reflect on the reasons your players love playing football, the impact your behaviours as a coach can have on their enjoyment and provided some practical ideas for you to try out in training.

If you have two teams, a goal at both ends of the pitch and a way to win the game or practice you’re well on the way to helping players fall in love and stay in love with football.

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Benefits of small sided games

Benefits of small sided games

Monday 9th May (6:30pm to 9:00pm)

Benefits of Small Sided Games

Date & Time: Monday 9th May 2022 6.30pm – 9pm

Venue:   Worcestershire FA, County Sports Ground, Claines Lane, Worcester WR3 7SS

Host(s): Stacey Miles & Chris Lowe – FA Grassroots Coach Developers 

Cost: no

Details of practical: 
 3G pitch – correct footwear to be worn (moulded plastic studs only)

Questions this workshop will aim to answer: 

Why should I do small sided games in my sessions?
How do small sided games link to the FA 4 Corner Model?
How small sided games can help further develop our players?

What can coaches expect to take away? 
1) Some example practices that they could use to support them with this topic. 
2) An understanding of the benefits of small sided games to aid progress and the development of skilful players.
3) An insight into utilising constraints/practice considerations* within small sided games to support players skill progression. 

Are there any tasks to complete ahead of the event? 
Watch the 90 second video.
Prepare and bring to the workshop a small sided game that you may use in one of your sessions. 

Overview of the event 
Join the Grassroots Coach Development team for a session where they will bring to life examples of small sided games and how they can be used to benefit the development of your players holistically. They will share a range of in and out of possession small sided games designed to help develop more skilful players. 

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The Boot Room

The Boot Room is The FA’s home for coach development, where you can find learning content, courses, events and coaching news to support your development as a coach.

A: Absolutely. The FA runs events all over the country and for all levels. To explore events please visit our national CPD events page here.

A: We would be happy to discuss holding an event at your club. Please email for more information.

If you're an FA Level 1 or 2 learner, continuous professional development hours are optional and so there is no longer a requirement for licensing.

If you're a UEFA qualified coach, however, you are required to complete 15 hours of CPD every three years to maintain your licence, which The FA recommends is best achieved by completing 5 hours per season.