WFA Connect


WFA Connect is our online portal where you can browse live classified adverts and match yourself up with a club as a player or volunteer, plus teams who are struggling for numbers can also attract new faces by submitting new adverts. It couldn't be simpler - just click the box you need and post a message. This will then be verified and posted to the page. 


Thousands of players and volunteers will use WFAConnect to find regular football or voluntary activities at clubs. WFAConnect is pivotal to achieving one of our main goals - simply to get more people playing grassroots football in Worcestershire. It’s easy to place an advert, and if your club flags their search for players or volunteers using the #WFAConnect  hashtag on Twitter we’ll always help to amplify that message, too.

We are aiming to be specifi in addressing your requirements. If you need anyone from a kit-washer through to a Club Secretary then use the WFAConnect Volunteers advert page. New Coaching Staff would be advertised using the WFAConnect Coaches advert page. A Club wishing to add new players to it's squad, or a player seeking a new Club, would go to the WFAConnect Players advert page. These can all be found on the right of the page by clicking the relevant box.

In addition, the adverts in this digest will be sent to the many media contacts around the County and publicised with individual tweets and Facebook updates later in that month. Further down the line, each team will be contacted to see how the advert performed, to establish if it needs to be republished. Extra WFAConnect adverts can be found using the #WFAConnect hashtag on Twitter.

Is your club short of players or volunteers? Are you a player or volunteer looking for a team? A form is available to download below so you can advertise your requirements in front of thousands of potential new members. Adverts are also shared on Twitter by @WorcsFA
using the #WFAConnect hashtag, and on Facebook by searching for ‘WorcsFA’.





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