The FA Discipline Handbook

The FA Discipline Handbook 2014/15 is now available. Please note, there are some to the Disciplinary process for the 2014/15 season. There are some changes to the minimum number of matches that can be issued with an automatic suspension, as well as some new regulations regarding wrongful dismissals.

To view the interactive online version of the FA Discipline Handbook, please click HERE

The Handbook download gives a clear run through for Clubs, Players and Leagues on how the Discipline process works. There are several really excellent videos contained within the Handbook online.

It is worth noting that there are some significant changes from the previous guidlines, notably:

  • All standard automatic sanctions start FOURTEEN days after the fixture in which the offence took place (previously 21 days)
  • Youth Football is now categorised by day, meaning that there are now SEVEN match type categories:

The sanctioning guidelines for misconduct cases are now published in the Handbook. This will help clubs and players understand what sanction they could receive for any given charge.

It highlights the process from start to finish and gives guidance on the following:

  • The difference between a Standard  and a Misconduct Charge
  • The response to paperwork and timescales
  • The charging and appeals procedure
  • The implimentation of the Match Based Discipline System
  • What games qualify for suspension
  • Guidance for League Sanctioning


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