Customer Charter

The Worcestershire Football Association’s purpose is to establish and maintain appropriate systems and structures to enable the Association to promote, manage and regulate Association Football within its boundaries

What you can expect

We will:

 Treat you courteously and respectfully and be honest at all times. 

Respond as quickly as possible to all requests for information and services. 

Respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. 

Aim to deliver the best possible service. 

Actively seek your ideas and feedback and act on them where appropriate. 

Apologise when we get something wrong and put things right as soon as possible. 

Ensure our services are as easily accessible as possible. 

Where practicable, provide interpretation/translation or other support if requested (an appointment may be required for this).


When you visit us 

We aim to deal with your enquiry within 5 minutes of your arrival. 

If we are unable to resolve your query at the time of your visit we will advise you on what will happen next. 

We will be punctual in attending prearranged appointments.  If we are delayed for any reason we will ensure that you are kept informed of the reason for the delay and the estimated time at which you will be seen. 

Our reception area will be clean and welcoming and will provide you with information about our services. 

When you telephone us 

We aim to answer your call within 15 seconds and transfer your call no more than once. 

If we cannot resolve your query immediately, we will give you the name and contact details of the person or team who will deal with it. 

If you leave a message we will phone you back within 1 working day.


When you e-mail or write to us

 We aim to respond to all correspondence within 7 working days.  If this is not possible we will tell you why and give you a response date.

We will provide you, on request, with contact details for the person or team dealing with your enquiry. 

We will respond to you in plain language.


What we expect from you 

Honesty and as much relevant information as possible to assist us in dealing with your enquiry. 

Full co-operation and for you to be civil when dealing with Association staff.  We will not tolerate abuse, threats or harassment, on or off the premises.


We welcome your views 

Our aim is to ‘serve with excellence’.  This Customer Charter sets out the standards of customer care we expect to be achieved.

 We welcome your views on whether we are achieving these standards and any suggestions you have for improvement.  For details of our complaints procedure, or alternatively to access the complaints procedure, please see our website:



Any complaint about our procedures and practices in relation to customer issues can be addressed and marked as private to The Chief Executive of The Association. The contact details are: 

Nichola Trigg

Worcestershire Football Association Ltd

Craftsman House,

De Salis Drive

Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate,




Telephone: 01905 827137 ext.201


 Any complaint that may involve the Chief Executive should be marked as private and sent to the same postal address for the attention of: 

Roy Northall





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