As a Worcestershire FA referee you will need to spend a few minutes completing registration on an annual basis.

How do I register?
Registration is completed by clicking here and completing the online process via the Whole Game System. Before you can complete registration you must have an FA Safeguarding qualification (see below).

What is my FA Number (FAN)?
In order to register online you will need your FAN. If you do not know your FAN you can find it by visiting the FAN retrieval portal by clicking here. If you have completed the FA Referee Course you will already have a FAN. Under no circumstances should you create a new FAN.

Forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password or not previously logged in online then you can reset it by clicking here.

Do I need an FA Safeguarding qualification?
Yes. For the 2016/17 season every referee must have an FA Safeguarding qualification to be able to register.
If you are aged 14 or 15 you can complete an online FA Safeguarding qualification by clicking here
If you are aged 16+ you will need to enrol onto a workshop by clicking here

Do I need a DBS/Criminal Records Check (CRC)?
If you are
aged 14 or 15 you do not require a check
If you are aged 16+ you do require a check
If you only referee adult football you do not require a check
Please read the documents at the bottom of this page for information on how to obtain a DBS/CRC.

If you have any further questions please contact Ollie Williams by email (click here) or call 01905 827137.