Misconduct Reporting

Under the Laws of the Game, whenever a referee cautions or sends off a player, they must report the incident and they must also compile a report and send it to the appropriate authority within the stipulated time. August 2014 sqw the introduction of a e-book guide for referees on Misconduct Reporting issued by The FA. A copy of this can be downloaded at the foot of the page.

One of the core responsibilities of any Match Official is to report misconduct. The County FA, either directly through its Referees Department, or via the many local Referees Associations help train and educate match officials in reporting misconduct.

The reporting of misconduct falls into three main categories, they are:

  • Cautions
  • Dismissals
  • Misconduct not covered by, or in addition to, a red card dismissal.

Cautions should be reported using the FA Multi-caution report form. Dismissals and misconduct should be reported separately by using the FA Misconduct reporting form. Both these forms are available either by clicking on the document links below, or by contacting The Worcestershire FA.

Referees are encouraged to report electronically wherever possible, although hard copies are also acceptable. Reporting electronically is very simple to do and is far more efficient for everyone. The electronic versions of the forms are much quicker than a manual completion and are received and acted upon very promptly.

Prompt action on completing both caution and misconduct forms is extremely important for the following reasons:

  • Clubs have just SEVEN days to respond to an automatic sanction and any suspension would start 14 DAYS from the date of the match in which the offence took place.
  • A caution may also result in an automatic sanction when it results in a player reaching 5, 10 or 15 cautions. The same timescale also applies to these continuing misconduct charges.

All Clubs and Leagues are told to ring their County FA if they do not receive notification of misconduct after 7 DAYS. Non receipt of paperwork does not negate a charge or subsequent suspension.

The County FA may charge a referee with misconduct if the wilfully fail to submit a report.

The FA Misconduct Reporting Ebook can be downloaded HERE

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