Social Media Guidance


It is quite common for Clubs and individuals to use the many Social Media portals to talk about football. In fact, The Worcestershire FA encourage the use of social media.

However, there are some things that people using social media should be aware of:

  • A known participant who makes a comment, or reposts a comment is subject to FA regulations when doing so.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to have an opinion.
  • When making comment about a referee, League Official or Representative try to be positive, do not use expletives and never do anything the could question the integrity of that person.
  • Be respectful to those you are posting about.
  • Participants can be charged for making inappropriate posts, these could also include photographs that are offensive.
  • The penalties for Improper Conduct can result in fines and/or suspensions.

If used appropriately, social media is a fantastic way of communicating how you feel about the game we love. Enjoy the experience and hope that the people sharing it do as well.

click HERE  for The FA Guidance on Social Media.


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