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5 Reasons To Get Involved In Non League Day

FIVE Reasons To Get Involved In Non League Day

Event organizers are gearing up for the eighth installment of Non-League Day, as the initiative returns on Saturday October 13th.

Initially set up as a social media experiment by QPR fan James Doe in 2010, the annual event provides a unique platform for clubs, whereby the importance of affordable, voluntary led community football can be showcased.

By always corresponding with the international break, it enables Premier League and Championship fans, in particular, to show support for their local lads and lasses who are involved within the game at the lower echelons of league football.

This year, tacklers of racism and discrimination in football, Kick It Out, are planning for a seventh consecutive season partnering with the scheme. With a record seven teams dedicating their fixtures to football’s equality and inclusion governors, this will be the organisation’s largest ever involvement in Non-League Day.

Here are five reasons why both clubs and supporters should get involved in this fantastic event:

1. Digital Assets

Clubs who support Kick It Out and Non-League Day will be awarded a variety of digital assets for the 2018/2019 season. This includes: Kick It Out’s 25 year anniversary logo, social media graphics, and programme adverts.

2. Discounts

The organisation will also provide discounted rates for merchandise from their online shop, including:
A 7.5 ft x 5.5 ft flag, printed with the Kick It Out logo and your club logo (£32).
A pack of five Kick It Out bibs (£5).
20% off Kick It Out’s branded: t-shirts, stickers, button badges, and wristbands.

3. Experience Something New

Most supporters of Premier League and Championship clubs will limit their weekend watching to top tier football. Due to its aforementioned coincidence with the international break, Non-League Day is therefore opportune for fans to experience the beautiful game in a completely different context.

4. Contribute To The Club

The match day money raised by Non-League clubs plays a pivotal part in helping them run. Many rely on takings at the turnstiles and food-sales income to fund a variety of areas, including: their flourishing youth academies, facilities, and general expenses on a day-to-day basis. Non-League Day is thus a great opportunity to support grassroots football, by contributing financially to your local lower league side.

5. Great Prices

Plenty of clubs offer special deals to new supporters who participate in Non-League Day, with many opting to substantially slash their ticket prices and some even allowing entry for free!

Non-League clubs are encouraged to get behind Kick It Out on Non League Day, but to do so you must sign up to the organisation’s new Equality Charter, and publicize the document on your website and social media channels. If you are interested in supporting Kick It Out on Non League Day 2018, please contact Tajean Hutton (Grassroots Manager), via email on tajean@kickitout.org, or Arran Williams (Grassroots Northern Officer), via email on arran@kickitout.org.