Football now operates the Match Based Discipline system for Adult, Youth, Schools and Veterans categories. Guidance on Discipline procedures is listed on this page. You may also chose to download some of the FA publications, listed at the foot of the page, which will give you help and guidance on how to administer discipline in your Club.

A Summary of the items covered are:

  • Clubs receiving late fines and suspensions
  • How to complete paperwork
  • Signatures on returned forms
  • Appellants wanting a personal hearing
  • Credit/Debit Card payments
  • Youth players
  • Sine Die and Suspended Until Paid actions (SUP)
  • Debt Recovery
  • Clubs/Players participating whilst under suspension
  • Penalty Points
  • Secretary detail changes
  • Receiving the wrong paperwork
  • Non-receipt of Misconduct

There is also our Member Services portal, which is displayed in the top corner of each web  page. This gives you access to information on individuals, provided you have you FAN Number and password.

For further information about disciplinary matters, please contact:

Chris Dale - Discipline Manager    Tel: 01905 827137 ext 202 or email: christopher.dale@worcestershirefa.com


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